Lugburz Sleed
- a band that does not adhere to any ideology or any religious or political trends. We believe that it is of no importance for humanity, as we are against •human reality• and human nature (who doesn't agree - FOAD!). This is expressed in our musical creativity. We do not consider ourselves to the musical genre of •black metal•, sometimes we go far beyond this genre. We call it •Chernihiv School•: Doomed Atmospheric / Depressive / Raw Post-Black Metal / Space Ambient and other Experimental Electronic. Lyrical themes: Transcendence Solipsism. Space & Cosmos. Depression & Joy.
Little (no) chronology:


The band was formed by Karmaged January 20, 2004 in elder Chernihiv (Ukraine) under the name Enslate. In 2005, vocalist Kaswarh joined the band. In spring 2006 group was renamed to Lugburz Sleed.

Early records: Second Side Of Death (2006) & Black Roses In Our Mind (2007) - demo's,
These records were destroyed in a fire. In 2008 was recorded lo-fi
demo Epoch of Twelve Streams, later (2009) reissued in cassette format by Northern Lights Productions.
In 2008, drummer Svaor joined the band + was released by Rigorism Production first full-length album, Epoch of Former Times. In 2009, also by Rigorism Production released EP-album •Transcendence•. In December 11th, 2010 was completed 3 way split •Constatation: Hebephrenia• (Cancer (UA), Semargl Wings (RU), Lugburz Sleed). In autumn 2011, bassist Tartarus joined the band. In 2012 we release 3 internet-albums, with rehearsal records: EP •Demo 2011|MMXI•, and Singles •Lugburz Sleed•, •zriz(h+-)Her•. Full-length album •...Derail• in December 2014, after Svaor & Tartarus is no longer part of band.

         March 2018 - Full band restart and release full-length album •Old Tapes•.
October 2018 - release full-length album •attractor•.
April 2019 - release compilation •ÖÖ•.
November 2020 - digital-release full-length album •M45•ΠΛΕΙΆΔΕΣ• with guest appearance Fedor Tkachev.
April 2022 - release single; collaboration; split with Kaswarh's alter ego - stärscreäm.


Kaswarh - Vocals, Editor & Producing, All Instruments
Karmaged - All Instruments
Svaor - Drums (2008-2014: Session & Rehearsal)
Tartarus - Bass (2011-2014: Session & Rehearsal)



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